Hubcape was an iOS client app for Pachube data sharing service.

It displayed sensor, energy, environmental, and other data from sources worldwide.

Feed graph value versus time
Feeds list. Tap a row to see a feed. Tap a blue button to see feed detail.
Feed info with "pull to refresh".
Feed detail
Map shows feed location
App Settings
App icon


An iPhone or iPod Touch

v1.2 iOS 4.2 - 5.x

v1.3 iOS 6.0 or newer

A free Cosm account with a user name and password.
An Internet connection.

Please Note:
In May 2013 Xively changes partially broke Hubcape.
Beepscore has "retired" Hubcape and removed it from sale in the Apple App Store.
For more info, please see Hubcape FAQ